This is a practical tool for those of you wanting to improve your craft and a step forward in the direction of successful and sustainable businesses.


The Myanmar Artisan Toolkit is a resource for you and those who want to support you.  It is a practical guide to building a business, designed for makers and adapted specifically for the Myanmar craft sector.

From production to pricing, marketing and design, the toolkit provides artisans with the knowledge and tools to overcome common business challenges and improve practices in key business areas.

Demand for handmade, unique craft products is increasing and Myanmar artisans need to meet buyer’s expectations well. This is why, the Toolkit is written from a buyer’s perspective.


Artisans & Business Owners

I am a maker, artisan or practice a craft and want to start or grow my business

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Trainers & mentors

I want to train or support artisans, makers and craftspeople in Myanmar

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Supporters & Students

I am a retailer, trader, sales agent, supplier, NGO or government agency wishing to support a craft businesses, or student complementing my core curriculum.


Hla-Day, the Lutheran World Federation and Turquoise Mountain, worked together to develop the Myanmar Artisan’s Toolkit. It is based on the Afghanistan Artisan’s Toolkit, which was developed by Far + Wide Collective, designed by Principled Design, with support from Harakat, and the Afghan the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan in 2015.

The project would not have been possible without the generous support of several talented artisans, passionate individuals, and organizations, many of which will use the Toolkit to strengthen their own businesses or complement their existing programs to support the Myanmar craft industry.


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